Kira Studio

Kira Studio empowers startups, early-stage ventures and growth focused companies with disruptive business ideas. Their areas of work include Web3, Fintech and Healthcare among others.



MintingM is a data driven technology company building fully automated trading bots. These smart bots consist of mathematical and statistical models coupled with predictive analytics which work at enhancing investor’s returns while mitigating risk effectively.



Rejolut is a blockchain development company that provides professional solutions and consultancy to startups and enterprises. They help companies build scalable blockchain products at lightning speed.


April Ventures

April Ventures is an institutional investor which backs teams with bold and transformative business models. They invest in projects which are incorporate either in India, Singapore or the United States.



Meta Warriors is a first of its kind post-apocalyptic zombie-killing game set two years after a the spread of a deadly virus that has wiped out millions of people in a few days.

Folium Labs

Folium Labs

Folium Labs is building a state-of-the-art blockchain scaling solution. Their goal is to make blockchain and financial technologies scale to billions of users while retaining aspects of privacy, security, and decentralized trustlessness.



Growspace is India’s first actively managed crypto fund. Users no longer need to worry about which coins to invest, optimize portfolio or when to invest. Growspace is building its algorithm to overcome those challenges. Why are the best financial resources limited to the ultra wealthy? Growspace is democratizing investing knowledge.

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