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Regulatory Compliance

Companies working in Blockchain and cryptocurrency related domains presently operate in a dynamic sphere of regulatory uncertainty which requires them to always be on their toes. In addition to the cryptocurrency specific regulations, licencing and regulatory requirements under different areas of law including corporate laws, taxation, banking and payment regulations, foreign exchange management etc. may apply to crypto projects depending on the business activities of the projects. Compliance obligations under different statutes can different in nature and may broadly be categorized into compliances related to registration or licence, maintenance of record/register, filing or forms/returns, deposit of recurring fees, display requirements, technical security standards or procedural compliances.

Our service offerings related to regulatory compliance include:

  • Advisory and support in obtaining regulatory licence, approval and registration before various regulatory authorities in India and abroad
  • Project review and advisory on regulatory compliance requirements
  • Providing list of applicable regulatory compliances and implementing operational control mechanism to ensure compliance
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities
  • Drafting and filing applications and forms with regulatory authorities
  • Representation before different regulatory authorities

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