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Corporate Structuring & Incorporation

From a regulatory perspective, designing the corporate structure of a blockchain-based startup is arguably the most important preliminary step. The number of entities required and their functional interaction must be delineated carefully, depending on the nature of their business offerings, technical operations, customer interactions and tax implications.

Not only do we advise blockchain-based projects on their incorporation strategies (in sectors ranging from web3, NFTs and DeFi), but we also setup bespoke structures for them in light of applicable laws. Specifically, the latter include regulations on digital assets, securities, banking and payment systems and taxation, among others. We work closely with partner-counsels and consultants from various jurisdictions to ensure a smooth and expeditious incorporation process. Some of the specific jurisdictions we focus on include Dubai, Singapore, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, The Saint Vincent and Grenadines (SVG), USA (Delaware & Wyoming), Malta and Switzerland.

Our corporate structuring and incorporation services include:

  • Advice on local and international corporate structuring; analysis of regulatory and licensing requirements in various jurisdictions as applicable to the project,
  • Drafting and advice on Inter-Company agreements to assess, allocate and mitigate business and regulatory risks
  • Advice on regulatory approvals, licencing and compliances under applicable laws
  • Advice on restructuring of the corporate entity(ies) and associated Mergers & Acquisitions and other transactions
  • Liasoning and support in Incorporation on the entity in foreign jurisdictions

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